Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Four years of my life..

For the past for years of my life, I have been attending what they are calling high school these days. Some people love it, most people hate it, and me? Well I just tolerate it. It's a place we have to be almost five days out of every week, but at least we don't have to be there all year around. Through these last few years of my high school career, I have found that I have made some irreplaceable and unforgettable memories. I have found friends, who I now consider my family, and I am now starting to find out who I really am going to be in life. The teachers, most of the time, were always pretty cool. They seemed as though they actually wanted to be there to teach us despite the fact that we always moaned and groaned and asked for just a "free day."
Some of my best memories of high school, as far as the "going to school" part, would be the memories of myself and my friends. It is from years of experience a known thing that Kiley, Brenda, and Abby, are all the three best friends of the school. We have made an outstanding reputation for ourselves. When we get to work together (which is not very often because the teachers don't think we'll get anything done, which is actually the exact opposite) we come up with the most amazing and creative projects out of anyone in our class. We feed off of each other with humor and creativity. Everyone knows that when we get to do a project together it will be absoulutly flawless.
Brenda and Kiley are the two type of friends who would come pick you up when your car broke down in the middle of no where. We all have been through almost everything that the other girl has been through which has caused us to be such great friends. They're the reason I get up and tolerate school all day every day. They are by far my best memory of high school! I love them to death, and where ever our lives take us, I know that no matter where I end up as a person, I will always have two fantastically wonderful friends :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Senior Project - B.A.K.

Ever since I was a freshman in high school, I always kind of stressed and worried about my senior project. I just couldn't quite wrap my brain around doing a project that big! But now that I am a senior and have completed my project, I have come to the conclusion that I stress WAY too much!
My senior project was completed, April, 14th 2011 along with two of my greatest friends, Brenda, and Kiley. We put on a dance concert which was called B.A.K. to correspond with the first letter of each of our names (I know, we're creative :)). After months of preparing for it, our project went off without any problems what so ever! I stressed and stressed, and even lost sleep over it. But after it was all done, I was almost disappointed in a way. Looking back I had way more fun preparing for it than I ever realized. During the actual project presentation, I was so proud. All of our dancers did an incredible job. There were also WAY more people that showed up than I would have ever though! It was such a good feeling inside... Especially when it was all done and over with :)
Looking back, there are a few things I would do different, but for the most part, I could not be more proud of myself and my two friends :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Show and Tell :)

There are hundreds of things around my house and the farm that I could use as show and tell. Lots of cute baby calves, baby chicks, goats, horses, and just about everything else. But I decided to show and tell you about my family! My family is by far the most amazing, funny, caring, loving, and all of the above family you could ask for... They're, and myself included, are very unique... To say the least! Randomly through out the year, we will have some type of "white trash bash." Sometimes it is during the winter as an "ugly white trash sweater" contest, or just a birthday party, with a little white trash mixed in :) We're a bit crazy and random, but we know how to have good clean fun! I couldn't ask for anything more or better than the family I have! Its like one huge party all the time. I love it ♥

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break :)

It is somewhat bittersweet to say that today is the first day back from my last spring break as a high school student! But it was for sure the best spring break of the four years of my high school experience! Then again I wouldn't exactly say I had much of a break. The Friday night we got out of school, I went and entered a barrel race in Kuna. I had one of the worst runs on my horse I ever have had, but I ended up winning $120! That night, two good friends of mine drove with our horses to Adrian, Oregon to attend a two day long intensive barrel racing camp. Sunday night I came home and we had a birthday dinner for my Grandma who just turned 79! The next morning I woke up early to drive out to Parma to practice roping off one of my horses. When I got home I got an hour or so of rest, then off I went to Homedale to rope some more off my other horse. The next morning I did it all over again, I roped in the morning, came home to rest, got my big black barrel horse, and went out to Homedale again to practice running barrels in the same arena we're having our high school rodeo this weekend. Wednesday morning, again, I woke up and went to rope in Parma. I got home and hung around for a little while until it was time to go prom dress shopping with my mom, and two of my sisters! After we found my dress, I got home, packed the reset of my clothes, and went over to my friend Sami Jo's house. At 5 am, we woke up, crawled into the car, and slept the whole way to Walla Walla, Washington to visit the community college there. We had nothing less than a blast. Friday morning, not as early thankfully, we drove back home. But of course, on our way home, we thought up another plan to drive to Twin Falls to watch the Wrangler Roping. So, we asked our Mother's, and they both agreed to let us go. So as soon as we got back to Sami Jo's house, I hurried home, repacked, rode my horses, showered, and jumped back in my car to head back to Sami Jo's house. We got back in her car, and headed out to Twin Falls. That night we hung out with a bunch of our friends and just had a low key, good time, which definitely topped the night before in Walla Walla! The next day, we woke up and drove over to watch our friends rope. We finally got bored and decided to head back to Boise. I was pretty sure that was the first time I had sat down and took a breath since break started.
The next morning my boyfriend Charlie came to pick me up, and we went out to Kuna so he could get on some practice bulls (because he is a bull rider!). After that, we came back to have dinner with my family for my sister and nephews birthday. On Monday morning, I got up to go help my dad work cattle. As soon as I got home, I threw my other horse in the trailer, and went out to Homedale to practice roping again. Then on Tuesday morning I woke up again to go help my dad work cows. When we finally finished, I jumped into my friends truck and trailer, and went out to Homedale, AGAIN, to run barrels. There I made the absolute best barrel run I have ever made on my horse. I was so proud because I was running within .2 seconds of some of the fastest horses around Idaho and this area! It was the cherry and whipped cream ontop of the best spring break of my life. Though it may not have been much of a break, boy did I make some unforgettable memories! And now, I am all practiced up and ready to go win at my first high school rodeo of the year this weekend!! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Simple Things In Life.

     As I get older, I have learned to really appreciate the small things in life. Whether its riding my horses, driving in my car, or jogging down the road, I seem to notice something new every day. I love to watch the baby calves run around with each other playing just like little children do. It makes me smile so big to see their personalities shine through as they play in the warm sunshine. But of course as I'm walking or running down the road there is nothing more soothing to the heart to feel the warm and fresh summer breeze fill your lungs and brush your skin. It is also entertaining to watch people as you drive and just by the looks on their faces, wonder what their life story is all about. If you pay close attention you can even tell what kind of day most people are having by the look on their faces. I find it to be quite facinating and a simple way to entertain yourself when driving.
     But the one thing I look forward to every single day is the beautiful sunsets that appear out of my front window of our house, especially in the summer. Summer has the best sunsets of all because I can be walking home from the farm, look over across the corn field and see the most beautiful sky painting that no one could ever replicate other than God. It is always just breath taking. Especially sitting on top of a building or hill top watching the sun slip over the distant mountains.
     It is just the small and simple things in life that make me truly happy. People may call me weird, but if you really take the time to notice small, every day things, it will make you not only a happier person, but a better one as well... at least that is what I have experienced!

Friday, February 4, 2011

a leap of faith!

     There is a small little indoor arena in Kuna, Idaho, that holds many rodeos and other events related to horses each year. For the last six years, probably one of the most popular rodeos is the Bikini Barrels and Bull Riding in the middle of February! There are about 30 bull riders and 30 barrel racers that compete in this rodeo. The bull riders and fully clothed and protected, the barrel racers.....have a slightly less amount of clothing. The ladies barrel race in bikinis. Yes, bikinis. As crazy as this may sound, there is a lot of money to be won. Over $550 to the first place lady.
     For the past few years, I have only gone to watch the bikini barrel race because my dad did not want me to participate...since I am 18 this year, I decided that I was going to take a leap of faith and enter! For the past couple weeks, I have been out every day riding my horse to make sure he is in tip top shape to run against some of the best barrel racers in this area. Who knows what will happen, but I am SO very excited to participate in this annual event. It is something new for me and it is taking a lot of courage, but I know it will so be worth it in the end.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a little thing i like to call rodeo.

     It is hard to imagine someone having the same love for a sport since they were seven years old. I am now 18 years old, and it seems every year, my love for rodeo grows stronger and stronger. Since I was a very little girl, I had always wanted to be a rodeo star. I would sit there on my little horse, Lucy, and pretend I was this big time barrel racer. One day, some friends of my parents, who had a son that was very involved in rodeo, called me and said that they had a horse for me to rodeo on. Instantly I knew that my dream was coming true!
     As the years went by, it seemed that every weekend my parents, horses and I were headed to a rodeo. We would drive anywhere from Twin Falls, to Jordan Valley, Oregon. Not a minute would go by that I was not thinking about or practicing for my next rodeo.
     When I got into high school, I started planning new goals for myself. It was not very often that a freshman would make it to the high school rodeo state finals in Pocatello, Idaho, but i made a promise to myself that I was going to make it every single year. So far, I have held up to that promise. Now being a senior, rodeo posses  a slightly different aspect. It is something that is now going to get me a full ride into college! This makes it even more of an incentive, goal, and dream to make it to the high school rodeo national finals rodeo in Gillette, Wyoming. Since it is my senior year, it is something that is constantly on my mind. Nothing is going to stand in my way.
     Rodeo has become not only a sport or hobby for me, it has become a lifestyle. I am the only one in my family to rodeo so far, so it is amazing that I have as much talent as I do :) Rodeo is something that I hope will take me even farther in the future. I can see myself 100% in the future on my black horse, Titanium, raking in the money at every rodeo we hit. It's the rodeo trail, and it's my life. It's all I have ever wanted to do. Having a boyfriend who is not only a good bull rider, but also a district and state champion bull rider makes me love going to rodeos just that much more. I have made irreplaceable friends and unforgettable memories. It is what I do. It is my life.